Christen Brestrup

Art Director

Title Medium Date
RXBar: Social video Video Aug 08, 2018
RXBar: No B.S. (print) Video Aug 08, 2018
RXBar: No B.S. 3 Video Aug 08, 2018
'I'm famous and this is a commercial': Ice-T tells it like it is in protein bar campaign Video Aug 08, 2018
RXBar: No B.S. Video Aug 08, 2018
TurboTax: Chupacabra Video Jan 04, 2018
Doing Your Taxes Needn't Be a Horror Movie, Says TurboTax Video Jan 04, 2018
TurboTax: That Thing in the Woods Video Jan 04, 2018
TurboTax: The Noise in the Attic Video Jan 04, 2018
There's Nothing to See in Old Spice's Two-Hour 'Invisible Movie' Video Aug 25, 2017
This Purple Muppet May Be the Key to Solving the Mobile Industry's Problems Video Jun 05, 2015
Trident Unwrapped: Chewing Hands Video Sep 23, 2014
Paddy Power: Bad Behavior Print (image) Aug 19, 2013
Footballers' Bad Behavior Pays Off For Most Ardent Fans in Paddy Power's New Push Video Aug 19, 2013


Title Medium Date
TK Maxx Turns the Cute Baby From Its Holiday Ad Into a Gift Chatbot Interactive (image) Dec 06, 2016
This Family Christmas Sing-Along Isn't Quite What You Expect Video Nov 07, 2016
Do You Want Tough Love or Soft Love From Your Cough Candy? Video Jan 11, 2016
Three Mobile: Make It Right Jackson Video Jun 05, 2015
XBox: Glitch Interactive (image) Feb 19, 2014
What North Korea and Sunderland FC Have In Common Video Apr 18, 2013
Paddy Power: Chav Tranquiliser Video Mar 07, 2012

Senior Creative

Title Medium Date
Hate Washing Dishes? This 'Musical' by Finish Will Remind You Why Video Jun 12, 2017