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Title Medium Date
Ikea made an ad all about how we hate commercials Video Apr 27, 2018
When the law costs women too much, a pharmacy steps in Video Apr 04, 2018
The Narrator of This Radio Ad Transitions From Female to Male as You Listen Video Jan 19, 2018
Pee on This Ikea Ad to Find Out if You're Pregnant (and Get a Discount) Video Jan 09, 2018
A Son Visits His Ageing Mother in This Simple, Yet Touching Ikea Spot Video Oct 31, 2017
A Teen Party Goes Horribly Wrong in Ikea's Melodramatic Ad for a Pendant Lamp Video Sep 12, 2017
A Working Mom Despairs of Her Inconsiderate Teens in the Latest Tale of Ikea's Modern Sweden Video Aug 21, 2017
Ikea Touchingly Portrays an Adoption in Its Latest 'Where Life Happens' Spot Video May 04, 2017
Ikea's 'Perceptive' Banner Ads Acknowledge You Might Have Clicked on Them Accidentally Interactive (video) Jan 27, 2017
This Billboard 'Coughs' When You Smoke Nearby Print (video) Jan 11, 2017
This Audio Brand Will Deal With Your Noisy Neighbors -- in a Very Bizarre Way Video Dec 15, 2016
Ikea Rebrands Its Products as Answers to Your Google Relationship Questions Interactive (video) Dec 06, 2016
A Patient Father Connects With His Moody Teen Daughter in Ikea's Latest 'Real-Life' Spot Video Nov 23, 2016
A Brew Brand Wants to Give You a Brain Orgasm With 'Ear Beer' Video Oct 27, 2016
SAS: Travelers Think Big - City Churchbells Video Oct 18, 2016
SAS: Travelers Think Big - Moviestar Video Oct 18, 2016
SAS: Travelers Think Big - Bizcation Video Oct 18, 2016
Thomas Jane Gives a Lifetime of Advice to His Daughter in Funny, Uplifting Airline Campaign Video Oct 18, 2016
A Divorced Dad Uses Ikea to Create a Special Surprise for His Son Video Sep 15, 2016
Sweden's Humanium Metal Initiative Takes Cannes Innovation Grand Prix Video Jun 27, 2016
This Swedish Hi-Fi Store Offers 'Real' Discounts -- by Sending You Money Interactive (video) Apr 11, 2016
Refugee Phones: Broadcast Without Borders Video Apr 05, 2016
Audi: Catch the Unseen Interactive (video) Feb 22, 2016
Experience the World's Weather in Stockholm Airport's 'Climate Portal' Interactive (video) Jun 12, 2015
The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society: Singing Sailor Interactive (video) May 13, 2015
SAS: We Dream in Foreign Languages Video May 04, 2015
Ikea's Latest Offering? Virtual Weddings Interactive (video) Apr 09, 2015
Play Pac-Man to Donate to Charity at Stockholm Airport's Retro Arcade Print (video) Mar 12, 2015
Folksam: Mini Maestros Video Mar 02, 2015
Couples Reminisce About Love, and Ikea, in Swedish Valentine's Film Video Feb 09, 2015
Audi: Swedish Snow Rescuers Interactive (video) Dec 23, 2014
IKEA Sweden: #XmasNoMatterWhat Video Nov 18, 2014
IKEA Sweden: Kitchen Blind Test Video Nov 12, 2014
Audi: Audi Quattro Loves Snow Video Oct 29, 2014
ATG: No dream is too big Interactive (video) Aug 28, 2014
IKEA Sweden Enlists Blind Cook to Prove Its Kitchens Are the Best Interactive (video) Jun 12, 2014
'Like' IKEA? New Interactive Page Shows Brand's Gratitude to Fans Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2014
Haircare Poster Reacts To Train's Arrival In Stockholm Subway Interactive (video) Feb 27, 2014
Hi-Fi Store's Business Card Turns Into A Smartphone Speaker System Print (video) Feb 13, 2014
An Undercover Visitor Raids Ikea in Festive Swedish Spot Video Nov 05, 2013
After Parachuting Cats, Here's Diving Dogs Video Nov 04, 2013
Swedish HiFi Retailer Creates Real Estate Listing Service to Help Find Houses Where You Can Rock Out Interactive (video) Sep 13, 2013
Ikea's Beds Now Double as Confessionals Print (video) Apr 22, 2013
You Could Spend Your Whole Life in an IKEA Bed Video Apr 19, 2013
Ikea: Grandpa Video Jan 30, 2013
Ikea: Night Walkers Video Jan 11, 2013
Swebus: Switch Interactive (image) Dec 13, 2012
Pressbyran: The Hot Stamp Print (video) Dec 07, 2012
Swedish Post: Parcel Memory Trailer Interactive (video) Dec 05, 2012
Swedish Post: Parcel Memory Interactive (image) Dec 05, 2012
Folksam: Parachuting Cats Video Nov 13, 2012
Pause Home Entertainment: Pause Drive-By Print (video) Jul 18, 2012
Audi: Night Vision app/print ad Interactive (video) Jun 07, 2012
Audi: Snow Video Feb 08, 2012
SOS Children's Villages: AppAid Interactive (video) Dec 15, 2011
Geneva Labs: X-mas Carol Torture Interactive (image) Dec 09, 2011
Swedish Post: Xmas on Wheels Interactive (image) Dec 07, 2011
Swedish Post: Xmas on Wheels - Behind the Scenes Video Dec 07, 2011
Pause: The Heist Interactive (video) Nov 07, 2011
Pepsi: The Sound of Football Interactive (video) Nov 01, 2011
Swedish Post: Sweden's Safest Hands Interactive (video) Sep 29, 2011
ATG: The Race Interactive (image) Jul 08, 2011
Carlsberg Festis: Unbore Mornings Interactive (image) Jun 06, 2011
Carlsberg Festis: Unbore Relationships Interactive (video) May 02, 2011
Carlsberg Festis: Unbore Grandpa Interactive (image) Apr 20, 2011
Carlsberg: Unbottle Yourself Interactive (video) Mar 28, 2011
Carlsberg: Unbottle Yourself - Mission #21 Interactive (video) Mar 28, 2011
Carlsberg: Unbottle Yourself - Mission #16 Interactive (video) Mar 28, 2011
Pause: The Human Jukebox Interactive (video) Feb 02, 2011
The Swedish Post: Living Christmas Cards Interactive (image) Dec 09, 2010
Folksam: Emotions Barometer Interactive (image) Nov 15, 2010
The Swedish Post: Happiness By the Metre Interactive (video) Oct 20, 2010
Playground Outdoor Equipment Stores: The Big Mosquito Party Case Study Interactive (video) Sep 14, 2010
Carlsberg: Xide Mood Interactive (image) Jul 15, 2010
Save the Children: Picture Protect Interactive (image) Jun 16, 2010
The Bureau of Press: The Name Change Video May 27, 2010
Festis: Festis Detector 3D Event Interactive (video) May 24, 2010
Heart Pharmacies: The Heart Pharmacies Video Mar 05, 2010
Swedish Postal Service: Bo Brundin Views "Show Me Your Genitals" Interactive (video) Feb 22, 2010
Swedish Postal Service: Bo Brundin in Taxi Driver Interactive (video) Feb 22, 2010
Swedish Postal Service: Forever Young Site Interactive (image) Feb 22, 2010
Swedish Postal Service: Forever Young Case Study Interactive (video) Feb 22, 2010
Stockholm Pride: How Hetero? Facebook Interactive (image) Jan 25, 2010
ATG: Know Your Horses Video Jan 13, 2010
Stockholm Pride: How Hetero? Interactive (image) Jul 15, 2009
Scandic: UnRipe Print (image) May 08, 2009
Scandic: UnRipe 2 Print (image) May 08, 2009
Swedish Postal Service: Stefan the Swopper Video Mar 19, 2009
Playground Outdoor Equipment Stores: The Playground Barometer Interactive (image) Jan 22, 2009
RFSU: Miss Fiffi Interactive (image) Jan 02, 2009
Viking Line: Dance Match Interactive (image) Aug 26, 2008
ATG: Statues Video Jan 11, 2008
Playground Outdoor Equipment Stores: Christmas Campaign Print (image) Jan 16, 2007
Posten: Send a Wish List Interactive (image) Dec 12, 2006